Resurfacing with Flawless Precision

One of the finest options for preserving or changing an existing slope is asphalt milling service. The majority of milling projects are finished quickly. It’s a great way to end a job, but not every road or parking lot is a good fit for it.  

Morris Paving can complete any size asphalt milling project. We provide high-quality services at reasonable prices. Our knowledgeable staff will undoubtedly meet the demands of your particular project. Our cutting-edge asphalt milling equipment is made to complete the task as quickly as feasible.

Fortify your Paving with Asphalt Milling Services

The height of the road can be increased by asphalt milling without affecting the sub-base. To lay down a fresh layer, we remove the top layer of asphalt to a certain depth. As a result, you can save time and money by fixing the broken tarmac.

If you use Morris Paving’s professional asphalt milling services, your commercial area won’t need to be sealed for long.

The Benefits of Milling Asphalt Services


  • Natural resources and energy are conserved by recycling current materials and replacing new aggregate in the new asphalt pavement with RAP.
  • On the same surface, the procedure can be repeatedly performed.


  • The RAP can reduce the energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint of the material construction process by replacing some virgin aggregate and asphalt binder.
  • RAP is reused, keeping it away from landfills.


  • Existing gutter and curb exposes are preserved.
  • Drainage on the surface is improved.
  • Asphalt milling services remove lumps, ruts, and other surface imperfections.


  • Most of the time, the milled surface keeps traffic flowing and allows for rapid movement.

Transforming Roads, Restoring Beauty With Our Asphalt Milling Contractor

Enhancing Durability, Exceeding Expectations With Asphalt Milling Service

Morris Paving, a full-service asphalt milling business, can meet your needs. Regardless of size, we can assist. Our offerings range from profile milling to remove the asphalt to full-depth milling to correct surface irregularities and drainage problems.

We also offer a variety of staff and equipment alternatives. We offer milling services ranging from daily rentals with a milling machine and operator to complete-service milling, which includes cutting around utility holes, removing asphalt, and disposing of all waste. To assist you in choosing the milling service that is most appropriate for your project, we also provide site assessments.

Our Process

At Morris Paving, we remove and recycle the damaged asphalt layer using top-notch tools and machines. From light surface milling to full-depth removal milling, our Asphalt Milling Services equipment and personnel are capable of it all.

Asphalt milling is frequently required to restore damaged areas or to add to the existing paved surface to address drainage problems.

The area is swept and cleaned once the asphalt has been removed. This aids in fusing the old and new asphalt.